Monday, July 21, 2008

On Motherhood

I received a comment on the motherhood section of my June 11 blog entry. Since it has been so long since I posted the original I thought Mary D's thoughts warranted their own post.
Ah, Mary, how blessed we are to be among seemingly only a few women who remain unfettered to the shackles of Feminism! So many who have abandoned their husbands, children, and home in pursuit of 'freedom' and 'self' and 'personal development' discover themselves to be in a state more miserable and less fulfilled than the first. It is admitable that homemaking is not always personally fulfilling. It is admitable that wifehood and motherhood does not bring us true, everlasting fulfillment - but that is only because we are sinners, sinned-against, in a terribly fallen world. To the degree we receive and live in the Paradise Christ Jesus regained for us and gifts us in His Means - and to the degree we maintain the natural design and order of the family - we have that much fulfillment in our roles as wives and mothers. In this life we will never be as perfectly content as Eve was before the Fall, but, we do experience many times of being almost that content, almost that needed, almost that useful, and almost that much personally developed. Those who reject their natural roles - their very reasons for even existing - and run here and there looking for Paradise where it is simply not found, are doomed to never even almost come close to knowing who they are or how to be fulfilled. In Christ and also in God's wisdom about families and order, females and their roles, you and I, as wives and mothers, indeed possess the 'secrets' to fulfillment that so many desperately long for. Just when you think it doesn't get any worse, girlfriend, let me tell you from what I've seen in Mendocino County amongst my secular friends, it doesn't get any better than what you've got! Praise Him who has SO blessed us! -Mary D.
Thanks Mary D.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Apology, Excuses, Etc.

OK, I know it's been forever since I wrote anything here. I have several really compelling and relevant posts in my head. They never seem to get on the computer. Here are my excuses. Pick the one you like the best and roll with it.
1) I hate to get interrupted half way through an entry. Since I have so many lengthy and interesting thoughts rattling around in my brain, I have had to deprive you of them all for the sake of not being interrupted.

2) I am so self-disciplined that I have had to deny myself the pleasure of writing so that I can focus on other more important things. Putting in a garden, going to Denver for a book signing, cleaning up John's and Stella's latest disasters, reading a few books here and there,...

3) I am expecting another baby in December and so have been sort of out of commission for a few months.
That's the best I can come up with. Hopefully sometime soon I can get caught up with all my thoughts. They are starting to vie for the limited number of available brain cells, so I better get them down soon.