Saturday, November 29, 2014

You might be a Northern Minnesotan if, ...

... your big Black Friday shopping adventure is waiting in line at Cabela's ...
                         ...     overnight
                                ...      at 8°F
                                    ...      in an ice fishing house!

Louisa and her good friend, Whitney chose to spend their Thanksgiving night that way with a group of friends.  There were only two people before them, so they got $50 gift cards for being among the first 25 patrons in line.  

They ran into Caleb L., who was with a group further back.  

By the time the store opened, there were two other groups who had put up ice houses.  

At some point in the evening, the employees came out again and gave out more prizes and awards.   Louisa ended up with another gift card, this one for $10.  She was able to order a nice fleece jacket when she got home that day. 

But besides that, she made some fun memories and has a great story to tell!  

Louisa, Whitney, Shawn, and the others in front of the ice house.

Louisa, Whitney, and Shawn

Louisa and Whitney
By the end of the night
they were all staying pretty bundled up,
 even with the propane heater going.