Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quiz time.

I know that my dear husband offered prizes for his quiz. I can't promise to do that. But if I think of something, I may just send it to any winner. I have a feeling that I may be able to predict the winner. Not because I know all my readers that well. Just because I really have pretty much just a few of you. And I can name two or three who would get this right away, but only one who I can be pretty sure would read this in a timely manner.

So here goes. In what popular movie does this quote appear?
I believe it is of great doctrinal import, sir.
This is one of my favorite quotes from the above mentioned movie. I say quotes, for there are many, and all equally fine.


A Stafford said...


I would have to guess "Pride and Prejudice"--the long one w/ Colin Firth. I've only seen it twice, so I could be thinking of another Austen film. Definitely an Austen film, though.


cattail said...

This is Jane's attempt to rescue her sister Elizabeth from the assiduous attentions of Mr. Collins (whom you quoted in your closing remarks) in the wonderful BBC miniseries of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," currently being rebroadcast on PBS.

My daughter was visiting in Britain when this miniseries was first broadcast, in early 1995 I believe, and said that the whole country came to a standstill during the broadcast!