Friday, May 1, 2009

New Author I Really Like

He's not really a new author, but new to me. It's Minnesota author, Vince Flynn. He writes political thrillers. He researches his stuff well. Although he began writing them in a pre-9-11 world, so many of the things he addresses ring true to what the world has learned during and since that fateful day.

Except for his first book, the novels revolve around Mitch Rapp, a guy independently contracted by CIA to perform all sorts of amazing feats.

I've read Flynn's first three books. I have another here waiting that I am not letting myself start just yet. And the next one is requested and on it's way through our local library.

Besides the suspenseful plots, Flynn creates memorable, endearing characters. Some really stupid maddening ones, too, but still realistic, multi-faceted personalities.

Flynn's books are somewhat similar to those written by Tom Clancy, with a few points that make them more suitable to my lifestyle.
  • Similar to Clancy, Flynn uses lots of detail, but it is not so overwhelming as Clancy's. I never have too much extra concentration, so I've not read many of Clancy's since I started having children.
  • Flynn's books are also shorter, so they fit in my discretionary time better. I remember when I used to read Tom Clancy's books, because of the incredibly suspenseful plots, I never dared to start them unless I knew I had the luxury to just sit and finish.
  • I think Flynn's books have less foul language and fewer "adult" situations than Clancy's. I don't remember Clancy's earlier books being too "gritty," but the last one I read really turned me off because of the way in which he described his "adult" situations. More like "frat house" descriptions. I think it was The Bear and the Dragon. Getting back to Vince Flynn, his first book I did not let 14 year old son read. Compared to most adult fiction, it was not terrible, but I still didn't want Matt to read it. The second and third, I didlet him read, but I discussed a few of the books' situations with him. Not perfect, but so much better than most adult books and even better than many young adult ones.
And one last thing I think is just kind of neat. Flynn's first novel was self published. I really admire the guts it would take to do something like that and the skill required to make it a successful venture.

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