Friday, December 17, 2010

1980 NBA playoffs Western Conference Semifinals Seattle Supersonics vs Milwaukee Bucks

This is highlights from the 6th game and intro to the 7th.

This one is the first few minutes of the 7th game.

I wish I could find the last quarter.  I'd love to see it again.


triv said...

I wish there was a documentary on this series particularly this Game 7. You could see how badly the Milwaukee Bucks wanted to win this game especially Bob Lanier.

In that last quarter, I see Bob Lanier grimace as he ran down the court on NBAtv after a rebound or made basket. That scene really touches me to this day. I weep when I see that.

After that game, Dave Myers retired as a player to devote time to family and church work. Lanier has said that his retirement cost him of getting a championship.

theMom said...

A documentary would be very cool.

The series was altogether an intense experience for all of us young Sonics fans who were following it with our whole hearts.