Sunday, July 10, 2011

How do I Love Thee, Summer Mornings? Let Me Count the Ways

My Corner Bed
This morning I got up with Great Expectations of how my morning would go.  I was going to do pilates first thing.  Then before the kids were up, I was going to go for a quick run. 

After that I was going to put some sort of hot breakfast in the oven and while it baked I intended to enjoy a quick cup of coffee on my front porch.

Then to feed the kids and get everyone dressed and ready for church at 11:00.

Most people don't prefer 11:00 church during the summer.  But I don't mind it.  I love to relax and enjoy my summer mornings.  And since my husband works until 12:30 every Sunday, it's not like we're rushing off to the lake or the relatives or anything.  Not to mention I have quite a number of kids to get ready for church and the more time I have to accomplish that, the better.

Now you remember my Great Expectations?  Here's what really happened.

I got up and decided that since my eyes were still mostly closed, instead of clicking on the pilates icon on my computer, I'd just check my facebook quick.  Since nothing much ever happens on facebook early on a Sunday morning, I figured I was pretty safe.  But then I decided to also check my e-mail.  Also generally pretty safe on a Sunday morning.

But then, shame on you, Mary! I remembered I hadn't blogged about our parish VBS yet and I wanted to do that while the kids were asleep, so I could think clearly.  But my computer was being temperamental and everything took waaaaaay looooonger than it ought to have.  I did eventually finish the post, but by then I had kids up clamouring for breakfast, so I decided not to proofread and post it yet.

Only the little kids were up, so I gave them a little pre-breakfast snack of nuts and raisins.  I poured myself a cup of coffee in my cool mug that I only use when I need a quick cup, because although it is very cool, it does not keep the coffee hot at all.  I thought to myself that this cup would make a cool blog post, so I had to arrange it on the table and try to take several pictures to get the best shot.  (Have I mentioned before I'm not really much of a photographer?)

By the time I was done with my little photo shoot, the coffee was pretty much already cold.  Well, at least ready to drink immediately.  I took it out to my front porch without any reading material and decided to simply enjoy the Summer Morning Show.  I listened to my turkey sing.  I saw a red headed woodpecker swooping about before he decided on a tree upon which to land.  I looked at all the pots of flowers and admired how they were finally filling in and beginning to blossom prolificly.  I plucked a few spent blooms from the pots nearest me.

And I quickly slurped down my coffee before it could get any cooler.

Then, well, since I drank the first cup so quickly, I still had time for a second.  I came in for a refill, and then out I went again.  I sat down on my wicker, but only for a minute.  I just couldn't sit and look.  Remember how Maria in The Sound of Music couldn't ever stay in the convent when the hills were calling to her?  She had to out among them.  I had to go down and admire my other pots and flower beds.  I had to deadhead the various plants to ensure continued blooming.  I had to wander in the dewy morning grass. And pull a few weeds while the soil was still in its morning dampness.  I had to be out in the morning!

Who can sit on wicker with a cup of coffee when all the summer morning delights are waiting?

And calling.

And suddenly it's time to get everyone up for church.  The sluggardly teens are still sleeping and it's nearly 10:00.  There is no hot breakfast in the oven.  The little ones who were outside enjoying the summer morning in their own way, now need to be cleaned up for church again.

And what am I doing?   Writing on a blog about summer mornings.  Crazy lady!

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