Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Thought Indeed

Many of my readers will recognize the title of this post as being Lizzie's response to Mr. Collins' predictably overwhelming praise of Lady Catherine in suggesting the very arrangement of the shelves in the guest closet.  Although this line does not actually occur in Jane Austen's original novel, Pride and Prejudice, it's an example of the wonderful job the writers of the 1995 BBC film adaptation did in changing Austen's descriptions of situations and conversations into actual dialogue. 

It's a wonderful line, "Shelves in the closet?  Happy thought indeed."   Those simple words, or a variation on them, have brought a smile to my face and the faces of my family on many occasions, when we reuse and recycle them for various situations around our home.

Today it refers to the refueling I need to do some days.  I still struggle some days more than others in this journey, this walk, through the illness of clinical depression and my recovery from it.  I've described previously the image I use of a bank account with withdrawals and deposits.  I can feel so keenly, so actually, the level of fuel I have in my account.  And I'm low today.  For a variety of reasons, which are unimportant to this post.  Just little things, really, but enough of them to drag me down a bit.  To deplete the stores of happy and tip the scales toward down.  

I'm exited today, though, because I have just the thing to refuel the happy.  My missing needlework book is found.  I knew who had taken it, and I suspected where it would be found.  And it was.  Under a bed.  The culprits may remain nameless.  The important thing is that the lost is found.  There are several crochet stitches in that book I've been wanting to use, but I couldn't remember exactly how to do them.  Nor could I find them online anywhere. 

But today I get to get out some of the yarn I've been saving for these particular stitches.  I get to open my book and review the stitch patterns.  I get to sit and produce something lovely out of mere strands of yarn.  It's amazing.  And fun.  And therapeutic.  And happy.

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