Monday, December 31, 2012

Packers vs Vikings and the Fastidious Table Washer

While in Grand Forks today with Elsie and her friend, Holly, we stopped at Culver's for supper. 

I have kind of a soft spot for Culver's.  It reminds me of being a college student in Madison, Wisconsin.  There was a group of us youths who spent many Sundays after church hiking and climbing the hills, boulders, and easier cliffs at Devil's Lake State Park.  It was great fun with wonderful friends, many of whom are still close friends today.

One of the highlights of a Devil's Lake trip was a stop at Culver's on the way back to Madison.  This was the original Culver's way back before it was a chain.  It sat along side the highway just on the edge of Sauk City. Seems like it was better back then, but perhaps that's just a little maudlin sentimentality coming through.

None of us ever had much money, but we almost always stopped for something.  Some who had a little more discretionary income might get one of Culver's famous butter burgers or a big waffle cone with the flavor of the day.  Others of us might split an order of fries or a small dish of custard. 

But the fun was in the tradition.  The day spent with and among friends.  Car pooling and then finding each other after we arrived.  Getting fresh air, seeing the scenery, having adventures.  Going to Culver's afterwards.  

I still don't have much discretionary income, so a trip to Culver's is still a special treat.  I took Louisa there once when we were in Grand Forks together.  And now I've taken Holly and Elsie.  Oh, and I think Beth K. took some of the kids and I once when we lived in Madison the second time.  I'm thinking maybe after a Holy Cross basketball game?  That's another tradition.

But I digress.  Culver's.  Kids.  Holly and Elsie.  Oh yes, today's outing.

We arrived at Culver's just in time to see the last quarter of the Vikings game.  Well, that's how Holly and Elsie thought of it.  I preferred to consider it a Packer game.  It was fun to watch the Packers get that last TD to tie the game.   But it wasn't so much fun to watch the Vikings get that field goal and break the tie, with only a few seconds remaining. 

And so it goes.  I'm not a hard core fan, but I enjoy watching a game when I get a chance. 

We really got a kick out of the young man part of whose job was washing tables at Culver's.  I bet those tables never get washed as frequently as they do during a Viking game.  The dining room is set up with televisions in two corners.  During the time we were there, perhaps a total of six or eight of the maybe twenty tables were in use.  But all of the many empty tables got washed multiple times while we were in there.  Every time the kitchen and counter slowed down a bit, that young man was back washing tables.  He worked very carefully.  Very slowly.  I'm not sure he really ever looked at the tables, but he sure washed them.

Over and over again.

Time after time.

Especially the ones nearest the television screens. 

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