Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Yes, I know I'm a cheater.  I had to change my ticker rather than confess that I had "outgrown" it. 

The last time we walking ladies weighed in was probably October or early November.  Yes, there was a reason we were skipping that step.  But, alas!  It's time to get back on target. 

Sadly, my previous ticker was obsolete.  Apparently one cannot record any weight above the starting weight.  And yes, that's where I needed to be.  So I had to start anew.  And since I had to make a new ticker anyway, I cheated just a little bit.  I went with my original starting weight rather than my current weight.  Because then it still looks good.

See, the good news is that I'm still less than when I started last winter.  So I went back to the beginning.  It makes things look more positive.  I have still lost four pounds.  That sounds great, right?  Actually, I've even lost a little bit more than that, because I rounded down to my initial starting weight to make a nice and even twenty pound goal.  I've really lost about five and a half pounds since last year in March when we started weighing. 

The bad news is that I had lost almost twenty pounds as of the end of last summer. 

Sooooooo, it's time to take it off again.  Step by step and pound by pound.  Saying no to one piece of candy or cookie at a time.  Saying yes to one salad at a time.  One reasonably sized portion at a time.  Saying no to seconds and thirds of those yummy carbs one meal at a time.

I'm so glad I have my friends, Lana and Connie, to share in this with me.  I love the companionship, and I very much appreciate their support. 

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