Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Promise of the Catkin

I've gotten caught up on many household chores this winter and spring.  I've even done some windows.  Anyone who knows me well knows what an accomplishment that is.  Since, ... well, ... you guessed it, "I don't do windows."

I have all the screens cleaned up and ready to put on, but I haven't yet.  I love the openness of the windows without screens.  And with our prolific insect life in Minnesota, once those bugs kick in, we really need the screens.  So I always try to enjoy a week or two with no screens before that happens. 

And I hate to put a clean screen on a dirty window, so I suppose I will give the windows a once over before putting the screens on.  I'll get down and dirty with the windows I haven't tackled in over a year, and do a quick dust up of the ones more recently done.

It will be nice.  I will enjoy the clean windows and wonder why I don't wash them more often.

Until the screens go on, I'll continue to enjoy my open windows in screen free luxury.

Today as I was washing dishes, the pretty little spear of a poplar catkin blew in at me.  As it bounced off me and fluttered into my sink, it whispered the promise of the coming summer and made me glad.

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