Saturday, July 27, 2013

Playing with Pollys. Or actually Polly and clothes.

Donna is in the blue outfit.  Clockwise from her, is Clara, Sophie, Stella, and Inge.

Sorry for the poor resolution in this picture.  We're currently camera-less, so I took shot with my laptop.

Donna got a little Polly Pocket set for her birthday.  It consists of one doll, with about six or eight outfits.  The five girls who are home right now are all playing together with this one set.  One of them at a time has the doll.  The other ones "create" dolls by putting the outfits together strangely. 

I heard Donna's doll ask Sophie's doll, "Polly, why do you have a shoe for a head?" 

Then a little while later Stella said, "Look at my head.  It's a bow-head." 

They are having more fun figuring out how to build with all the little clothing and accessory pieces, than they are playing with the Polly doll herself. 

Sophie just wanted me to photo her creation.  A perfect example: Polly dress, gloves, shoes, and a purse for a head. 

This is so typical of my family.  I have often exclaimed in exasperation, "Why can't my kids ever play with something the way it was designed?!?"  And yet, ... It's amazing to see their creativity, isn't it?  And yes, I love to see them working/playing/inventing all together, ages 4-13.

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