Friday, December 27, 2013

A day for celebrating and remembering

Donna and Alfred Hinderer
December 27, 1927 or 28
My dad, Alfred John Hinderer, was born.  He would have been or 85 or 86 today.  Sad, isn't it, that I don't even know for sure?  Dad passed away when I was but five years old.  Shortly before Christmas I think, but even that, I don't know for sure.  I think I've been told that my Grandpa Hinderer also passed away at about the same time.  Again, I think.  Seems like hard times for the family.  I can't even imagine what it was like for Grandma Hinderer to lose both her husband and her son within a few months of each other. 

I didn't even know Dad's birthday until the same day may years later.  In 1999, something very special happened to Joe and I on December 27.  Others told me at the time that it was doubly special because it had also been my dad's birthday.

Joe and Clara, ready to come home
But what happened on that same day in 1999?

December 27, 1999
Our sixth child and third daughter, Clara Annaliese, was born.  Although we hadn't planned it so, she was almost a Y2K baby.

If that's not enough special things in one day, pan forward another nine years.

Mary and Inge, when she was brand new
December 27, 2008
Our youngest child, our baby, Inge Kathryn, came on Clara's birthday but nine years later.  Can't believe she's five already!

Update 1/2/14
I'll change this again when I get the final details, but, I've found out my mom's birthday was August 10 or August 20, and my mom and dad's anniversary was the other of the two dates.

My dad died in January, not December.  So he'd already had his 45th birthday.  If he turned 45, in December of 1972, that would make his birth year 1927.  Therefore he'd have turned 86 at the time I originally wrote this post.  My mom, too, was born in 1927.

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