Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One of those busy days around here, ...

Highlights of the day:

70 miles into Grand Forks for the girls to take their CNA test.  Yeah!  We have two Certified Nursing Assistants in the family. 

Looked at a few cars, but we decided time was too short for a decision.  Joe had much work to do here at home, and he's the wage earner so he's the one who would have to go to Grand Forks to sign the loan papers.

Decided we had to cancel Elsie's driver's test.  She didn't want to have to take it in the 14-passenger van.  Can't say I blame her. 

Hit a few thrift stores while we were in town, and rushed the 70 miles home to drop off the bigger girls.

The dentist in Fosston was kind enough to re-schedule Sophie's Thurs. appt for the end of his day today.  Drove the 30 miles that direction to find out it was a good thing we got her in before our trip, since she had an abscess behind a filling and had to have that baby tooth pulled.  He said we got it before it got really bad. 

Drove the 30 miles home to have Matt ask, "Can you drive me into Oklee to get antifreeze for my truck?"

Don't tell anyone, but, ... one of the "boons" of living where we do, ... I said to Joe, "Are you comfortable with Elsie going along with him.  He can drive into Oklee and out to where his truck is stopped.  But is it OK with you if she drives the van home with him following along behind?"

Sigh.  I really didn't want another 30 miles tonight. ...

Tomorrow's goals

Matt has Digikey interview in the morning. 

Hopefully, hopefully he'll hear from his fire team leader before we leave, that he's been cleared to miss drill this weekend in the Cities. 

Head to Grand Forks for snow tires, hopefully leaving by noon or before.

Head West!  I do love a road trip!  I always get that tickly excited feeling once we're on the road.

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