Friday, August 8, 2014

My Morning Rainbow

Today I walked along the minimum maintenance road near our house.  I have not walked there for a few years, since they sprayed it and killed all the pretty things.  I noticed the other day that some of it is re-greening, so I thought I'd give it another chance. 

Lovely things I saw on my walk today:
  • black birds, twittering in the tall weeds at the side of the road, fluttering up when I neared.
  • silvery, white Foxtail grasses shimmering in the morning sun.
  • deep yellow Sow thistle blossoms
  • rich pinkish-purple Canadian thistle flowers
  • the snowy glow of the spent Canadian thistle flowers
  • white and yellow sweet clover waving happily in the morning air
  • the pale yellow  of the ripening wheat field
  • the deep green of the verdant soybeans
  • wild canola-like weed thing with dainty yellow flowers
  • a sharptail grouse who flushed from the field along the way
  • bladder campions greeting me with their clean and fresh whiteness
  • pale purple milkweed flowerettes
Ugly things I saw on my walk:
  • dried grasses along the edge of the apparently Round-up resistant soybeans
  • the harsh woody stems that remain after they mowed.  So many less desirable things growing there after the previous growth was killed off.  Sigh. 
  • so many of the milkweeds were brown and dead from apparent spraying. 

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