Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Images of Autumn: An Autumn Drive

A View to the East, along Cty Hwy 2, North of Itasca State Park

Between Elsie and Jeremy being in Mankato and Joe's Grandfather ailing in Redwood Falls, and of course the youth group trip to the corn maze in Warroad, I have had opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this falls colors more than I do most years.  But, alas, I haven't had the camera along.

On the way home from our trip to Mankato in September the maples between Sauk Centre and Park Rapids were in a full blaze of a deep and blazing red.  It was absolutely stunning.  The kind of stunning that causes that sharp intake of breath with each new prospect.  I so wished for the camera, but instead I had to drink in the moments with deep breaths of the fall air and lengthy gazing at the glorious colors and textures as I drove along the twists and hills of US 71.

A few weeks later into the season, as we traveled to the further-north of Warroad, the yellows and tawny colors of the ripened corn and beans opened before us.  In the marshier areas, the golden birches and poplars and the deep green of the pines and spruce lined our route.  The sumac and other ground covers were starting to turn, for a lower layer of reds and yellows.

And then when we traveled to Redwood Falls the other week, we enjoyed a yet different set of shades and colors with the burning gold of the tamarac swamps.   Apparently, although we've travel this route to Joe's parents quite often throughout the years, we've never yet had the privilege to see the tarmacs in their most stunning color.  I couldn't believe the richness of the orangey-gold between Deer Creek and Wadena.  One the way home, I was traveling with Cameraman Joe, since Louisa had headed home a day early with the car.  But he was sleeping so soundly during that stretch of road, I didn't dare wake him.

He did try to capture some of the later tamaracks along our route.  They, too were marvelous, with the sharp golds of the tamaracks contrasting amongst the deep greens of the pines.  But now nearly so intensely vivid as the broad swaths of gold further south.

Pine and Spruce on the left and Tamarac and Birch on the right

A roadside cluster of gold and green

Colors along the telephone wire cut

The tamaracks at the curve in the road makes one wonder what awaits

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