Saturday, January 24, 2015

Conversations upon Waking, Six and Seven year old style

"We never learned to drive on icy roads."
"Nope, just good roads."
"And just slowly and carefully."
"I dreamed that we were staying with Sharon and Sharol, and Daddy told them to drive safely  because it was bad roads, but they just zoomed anyway."
"Was it fun?"
"Yes.  It was.  But kind of scary, too."
"I know who Lana's grandkids are.  The Nelsons.  Kjerstin and Kehan, Ashlyn, Ellie, and Eli."
"And Maddie.  Maddie are her grandkids, too."
"Is.  Maddie is her grandkid."
"But Maddie has that baby, too.  Malaya.  So it's are.  They are her grandkids."
"But you can't say Maddie are.  You have to say Maddie and Malaya are.  Or Maddie is."
"Mo-om, Maddie and Malaya are Lana's Grandkids, too, right?"
Mom steps in her for a moment, "Yes, they are.  Brad and Lana are blessed with many grandkids."
"Yawning doesn't mean you're tired.  Sometimes it just means you need to stretch."
"Yeah, one time I yawned when I didn't want to sleep."
"Remember when Dad made us stay in our room because we were crabby.  And I fell asleep, but you didn't?"
"Yes.  I never fall asleep in the day."
"I sometimes do."
"When Quinn came over, you were sleeping when we got home from school."
"And we watched Frozen."
"Except you didn't see it all because you were sleeping."
"But I got up and had a snack and then watched it.  Quinn loves Frozen."
"She likes Anna.  I like Elsa better.  I like Elsa because she's pretty.  But I like Anna because she is good."
"Elsa has purple eyelids."
"Purple eyelids!?!"
"Yes, because that's how she does her makeup."

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