Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Through the eyes of children

There is a farm near my house through which the road meanders. It is not the main road, but a back road. I don't drive it much because I always feel like I am invading this little farm. It must be several families or various extended family living on the same site. The road takes three or four quick turns back and forth and there are farm buildings and houses all along, some right up near the road. In a few sections there are windbreak trees, mostly poplars and spruce, right along the road.

Yesterday on the way into Oklee, I was running ahead of schedule so took the extra time needed to go to town the back way. As we passed this particular farm place the wind was scattering the golden poplar leaves in our path. The road was strewn with them. The sun was sparkling on them.

My seven year old, Clara, pointed out, "Oh, how beautiful. It looks like glitter!" And it did.

Another anecdote:

This morning our four year old, John, came hollering up the stairs, "I found Sophie's ten dollar bill." Now Sophie is five and all of her money is supposed to be put away so he had my attention. As far as I know none of us is rich enough to leave ten dollar bills lying around the play room. But I had to laugh when he came into the room, repeating the phrase again, "Mama, I found Sophie's ten dollar bill," and holding out a coin. As he got nearer, I could see a bit of copper showing between his fingers from the penny he had in his grasp.

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