Friday, December 7, 2007

Spiced Bananas or Rotten Potatoes?

I grabbed a twelve pack of beer in town the other night. I was in a hurry, but I wanted something different than the usual MGD or Killians Red or Amber Boch. I saw this cool looking box. I noticed it was Samuel Adams and since I like several of their beers, I just grabbed it. It said something like Winter Selection on the outside.

After I got home I realized it was a variety pack.

Joe asked what I wanted and, well, I don't know. So many choices. (Since Joe has Celiac Disease, he does not have that trouble. But he is glad that he can at least get New Grist sorghum beer around here now.)

After some hemming and hawing, I settled on a Cranberry Lambic. Now I am not very educated in the art of beer drinking. I don't know an ale from a lager or a lambic from a weiss. Maybe those aren't even mutually exclusive pairs, I just don't know.

But getting back to the lambic. EEEUUUWW! Yuck! That's some nasty stuff. I was trying to sort out the flavors in order to give Joe an idea of why I did not like it. The closest thing I could get was rotten potatoes. You know that smell emanating from the potato bag in the corner; you know that you're going to have to stick your hand in there to get the good potatoes out; You know that the longer you wait, the more icky ones there will be. Yup, that's the flavor of the Cranberry Lambic.

So just out of curiosity, I went to the Samuel Adams web site. Now, the first thing I find out is this web site is one of those totally annoying ones that move around and do all sorts of fancy things before you can get to the information. You have to choose the beer styles link and than catch the beer bottle you want to know more about as it flies around the screen. All the while this pinging is coming through the speakers as the cursor passes the flying twirling objects.

The second thing I found out is that what I called spoiled potatoes, they called "a flavor rich in fruitiness and reminiscent of cranberries and bananas, cloves and nutmeg."

I guess they can call it what they want; I won't be buying any more Cranberry Lambic. I probably still have a couple in the variety pack. Let me know if you want one. Perhaps a more mature beer drinker would agree with the banana and spice thing. I'm sticking with spoiled potatoes.

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kim said...

Hi Mary

I can understand completely. I do not think Sam Adams had taste buds!!!!!

I doubt if I will ever buy a variety pack again also.