Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Christmas Presents

For Christmas this year I got a Bersa Thunder .380 semi-auto pistol. And a nice Bianchi holster to go with it. If you want to know why, see my Nov. 27 post. Joe got a Springfield Armory XD

Although we are in the middle of a Northern MN winter and have had lots of sickness among our kids, we still have gone out to shoot several times a week. And we have had fun showing our guns to our friends.

But on Sunday, Barb and Kim came over to visit and plan a brunch the LYS (Lutheran Youth Society, ie, youth group) is hosting. So of course, after we had finished the plans, we had to get out our guns and do a little shooting with Kim. Barb stayed inside to visit with Joe's grandparents who were here for the weekend and to hold a fussing Donna. Thanks, Barb.

We use paper plates for targets; Joe draws a black circle in the center of each for a bulls-eye; we tape four onto an 18" x 4' piece of ply wood and stand it on end in a snow bank. Then several of us can shoot without changing the target. Those of us of lesser abilities do not always come clean regarding which of the four plates we meant to hit.

I am still getting the hang of it, but I had a pretty good day on Sunday. I figured out I not had been aiming consistently. Sometimes with one or another eye or sometimes both eyes open. On Sunday I concentrated on using only my right eye and it made a huge difference.

I think I hit all seven of my shots on the plate for which I aimed. At least six, but maybe all seven. Now this is standing only about 8 yards away, so obviously I still need to practice lots.

But it is fun to see progress.

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