Saturday, March 29, 2008

"I Still Love Technology"...NOT!

OK, so I'm not exactly Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. I feel safe saying I would never serenade my husband with a love song comparing my love for him with my feelings toward technology. Except of course we, all of us around here, do frequently sing Kip's original composition to each other in jest.

The other day I had written a nice long post. A, uh, treatise, perhaps. On double-knit. A sentimental journey to the 1970s.

But, alas, just as I was putting the finishing touches on my work of literary art, my foot was visited with a blinding flash. And the screen went dead.

The cord for the speakers had developed a bend near the plug end and the electricity chose that moment to arc through my foot in search of ground.

I guess I should be thankful that I had my rubber soled sneakers on. Just a small scorch mark on the bottom of my shoe and an iridescent pink stain really. I am also thankful that it was I and not one of my children who was favored with such an electrifying moment.

But instead of being grateful, I found my self just plain mad. I finally allow myself the luxury of sitting down to write a bit. Actually, I had been writing for about 20 minutes. And then, in a flash, my work is gone.

So we went on vacation instead.

And upon our return home guess what. The #@!* computer keyboard does not work. Nothing. After some tweaking and coaxing on the part of my very technologically inclined husband, there is still not the lightest indication of communication between the keyboard and the computer.

(Joe says I should probably translate #@!*, lest any of my readers have a dirty mind. It merely means "stinking". The stinking computer keyboard. He is a pastor, after all.)

This is the fourth-- no fifth!-- keyboard for our family in a year.

Joe and I used it as an excuse to run to town. We picked up milk and a new keyboard, deposited a few checks and went out to eat. Lemons to lemonade, you know.

And here's the clincher. What do you think was waiting for us upon our return home? The other keyboard was working.

I may someday revisit double-knit. Since no one else had the chance to read it I can say unqualifiedly that it was a really good post. But I have lots of other things bumping around in my brain waiting for their chance to be featured in virtual print. Double-knit will have to wait.

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