Monday, March 10, 2008

One More Pride and Prejudice Post

I have a few updates on my previous posts. Char had apparently also answered the original quiz question, but her comment did not come through for some cyber reason. She had also pointed out Jane's pronunciation which, I agree, make the quote so enjoyable. When one reads, "I believe it is of great doctrinal import, sir," one must think of the i in doctrinal as having the long i sound as in nice, instead of the American short i sound as in itch.

Since Char also told me her favorite quote over the phone, I'm not going to quote it here, because I'd get it wrong. I will merely allude to it.

Picture Elizabeth at the piano with Colonel Fitzwilliam and Darcy around her. From the other room, Lady...Catherine...DeBourgh feels like she is missing something and demands admittance into their conversation. She then regales them with the great line about being sure she would have been a true proficient had she ever learned to play piano.

Thank you Char. Wonderful!

And one more thing, the quote I included of Mrs Bennet's about winking at her daughters... Well, my daughters pointed out my error in that one. I had it "Wink at my daughter? Why would I wink at my own daughter, pray?" I've been informed it ought to be, "Wink at my daughter? What a notion! Why would I wink at my own daughter, pray?"

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