Saturday, April 12, 2008

Winter Again

When I lived in southern Minnesota and Wisconsin, a good deep April snow was the norm. Everyone knew that winter was not over until we got that last heavy snowfall. In the six years that I have lived in northern Minnesota, I have not gotten the impression that this is usually the case. Yes, winter here drags on and on. But I have not noticed a pattern of a good thaw and warming trend followed by that one last April snowfall that is often 6-10 inches. But perhaps that is because the snow here blows around so much we never really know how much we get.

But this year we have had an April snow. Blowing. Drifting. Snowing. With our vinyl siding we really notice the scouring sound that settlers in Dakota Territory heard so much of during the winter of 1880-81 (The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder). But we know that winter will end and spring will come.

Here is a poem by my daughter, Louisa.
spring is here
let's give a cheer
hip hip hooray
4 spring today

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