Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Streams of Spanish Consciousness?

OK, many of my readers may have no clue what this is about. You will just have to be patient and wait for any responses.

But from the comments I received on other posts along the same vein, I am going out on a limb here. I am banking on at least some readers enjoying this as I did.

We have several Spanish/English story books that we keep lying around in the hopes that one or another of us will pick them up and learn some Spanish. Periodically, my husband or I will pick one up during our cup of coffee time. One of us reads in Spanish while the other tries to guess the meaning. Since Joe has actually studied a bit of Spanish in a school setting he is usually the guesser, while I am usually the reader.

Yesterday we were reading Una visita a la abuelita from the Las aventuras de Nicolas series by Berlitz kids. This is a nice series that starts with a story (in both Spanish and English) in a basal reader style, so that many words are repeated several times to facilitate vocabulary development. The book has an audio CD that includes the story in Spanish, a audio of the picture dictionary that one finds at the back of the book, and several fun kids songs for which both the Spanish and English are in the book. It is very child friendly. The series is available in many languages.

To return to the story we were reading yesterday, A Visit to Grandma, there was point in the story at which Grandma's guests were said to be "divierten muchisimo." Now the book insisted the phrase ought to be translated, "having a wonderful time."

I would have translated it differently. Any guesses?

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