Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have periodically been accused of making obscure comments. I have had to apologize for strange and unusual comments to which others can not relate. Apparently my last post was one of those times.

I am a bit disappointed in my Jane Austen fan readers, however. Come on. Divierten muchisimo! To me that phrase just screamed out "exceedingly diverted."

As in, "Come now, Lizzie. Are you not diverted?"

"Oh. Yes, yes. Indeed, I am exceedingly diverted."

Can't you just see the Spanish subtitles? "Si, si. Divertiero muchisimo."

Since as I said, I kind of guess at Spanish, I am sure my tenses, people and number are screwy, but I think you get the point. (Of course, I guess I thought the whole thing was obvious, so perhaps I should not assume others are on my planet, now should I?)

I did have one brave reader who made a diverting comment. The anonymous reader wondered, "Depends on which grandmas; It is either having a good time or much driven crazy."

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