Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Rice Cooker Idea

Building on Char's rice cooker ideas, I made potatoes in mine the other day.
  • I peeled and diced about 15 small potatoes that were starting to grow. (The eye root part, that is, not the green fuzzy stuff!)
  • While I was doing that, I melted about 1/3 of a cube of butter in the rice cooker. Just plugged it in and the warmer feature that is always on melted it.
  • I sent my kids out to pick a few fresh herbs: thyme, lemon thyme, and parsley.
  • I minced the parsley and about half of a white onion. The thyme I left whole. Elsie had gathered just some leaves and small stems. If I have larger stems, sometimes I will dice it, sometimes I lay the stalks across the top of whatever I'm cooking.
  • I gently stirred together the above ingredients and poured some fresh cream over everything. Yes, as in farm fresh, skimmed from the top of the organic raw milk we get from LauraD. I love it, it is so good!
  • Then I turned on the rice cooker and prepared the rest of my meal.
  • I think actually Joe did pork chops on the grill. And Louisa did a fancy vegetable mix. (She things my steamed vegies with butter are boring.) Louisa used a bag of frozen green and yellow peas and baby carrots. She simmered them in a small amount of liquid and then added some sort of oil and pecans. I think she said it called for dried cherries, but since we didn't have any, she added a few teaspoons of maraschino cherry juice from the fridge. It was wonderful, Louisa.
All in all a very nice combo.

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