Saturday, August 1, 2009

Two Year Old Translations

I love it when my kids start to talk. I love the funny things they come up with to get their points across. And I love the, "Aha!" feeling I get when I figure out one of the ideas a little one is trying to convey. That moment when he or she is clear enough and I am imaginative enough so everything clicks. Then I file that bit of vocabulary away in the current edition of The Two-Year-Old's Lexicon that I carry in my brain.

I had just that sort of Donna moment today. She has really enjoyed putting on the other kids' flip-flops lately. As she was involved in this activity today, she kept telling me, "Hlops, Mama! Mama! Hee elhy hlops. Mama! Elhy hlops. Hee elhy hlops. Mama!" And so on. I was at first at a loss to translate that one. But eventually I recalled that the other time I had heard the "hlops" term was also while trying on flip-flops. Aha! and so her conversation translates to, "Flip-flops, Mama! Mama! See Elsie's flip-flops. Mama! Elsie's flip-flops. See Elsie's flip-flops. Mama!"

I thought that was pretty good. It reminded me of Jeremy's bicycle=biddicle; motorcycle being mobiddicle; and popsicle being mobiddicle pop. Or Matthew's hunt hoy=front loader.

They are all so sweet at two, right? Well, I maybe I should rephrase that. They have sweet moments at two.


Erica J said...

I love these translations too, and the kids love to hear about them several years later. We've gone through lunk = milk, labo = butter, grappon = vacuum (that took forever to figure out), and Mrs. Ooey = never did figure that one out.


Babs said...

We still use 'fwiddafwadoo', 'manoo pweddo' and 'Widdie Paywo' at our house and those same children are 24, 18 and 16 now :)