Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Exercise Update

So, I have passed the half way mark on my exercise ticker. Notable, yes, but still pathetic considering that I think I started it at the end of September and my goal was to have it done by Christmas.

So I'm two thirds done with my time allotment and only half way done with my minutes. I blame the weather. I blame the wind. I blame the mess around the house. But when it comes right down it, I just wasn't putting in the time.

But I have been fairly faithful lately. I'm trying to do my pilates video every morning. It is about 25 minutes long. I have 580 minutes of exercise left to meet my goal. I have 30 days left in which to accomplish those minutes. Hmm. 580 divided by 20 equals 29. I see I must either commit to some additional form of exercise or miss only one day between now and Christmas.


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