Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quiz time

Among my friends and acquaintances, there is only one person I know off the top of my head who I imagine would know the answer to the following questions readily.  There are a few others I think might have such obscure knowledge.  And anyone can figure it out by googling.  Go ahead and post an answer, but tell me whether you had to research the matter.  I'm going to wait to moderate any comments until I hear from someone who know the answer already.

What is skiffle music?  What musical group of renown got their start playing skiffle?  Name any other well-known musicians who played skiffle.


your genius daughter said...
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Shawn said...

Skiffle was a form of music in England in the 1950's that took folk and country songs and added some rhythm and blues to it. One person who played it was Lonny Donnagin. A famous group that started out playing skiffle was the Beatles, formerly known as the skiffle group the Quarrymen.

theMom said...

I e-mailed Shawn and asked him if he googgled the answer or if he knew it because of his eclectic musical knowledge.

His answer, "I've watched many documentaries and read many
books about the Beatles. After posting an answer, I thought of Gerry and the Pacemakers as another group that started out playing skiffle. I've heard their frontman Gerry Mardsen play "Jambalaya" skiffle

And yes, Shawn was one of the two readers I figured might know this answer. Well, I suppose I should count three, since I should probably include Shawn's lovely wife who probably has absorbed via spousal osmosis an equally eclectic musical knowledge.

Good job Shawn.

A Stafford said...

Thank goodness I haven't. I try to tune him out whenever he tries to educate me about the original singer for some group leaving and joining such-and-such a group or the history of skaa. There's still room in my brain for more necessary knowledge. :-)