Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Morning Musings of a Formerly Homeschool Mom

Here it is, ten minutes after seven, and the morning rush is done.  I have served my children hot breakfast--we had rice custard this morning.  We had morning devotions--Joe read the first half of Galatians 5, and had the kids recite come commandments.  The older kids have their daily chores accomplished.  Six of my ten children are dressed.  Five are on their way to school.  Breakfast dishes are mostly cleaned up and I have nothing to do.  (This last bit is called hyperbole--obvious exaggeration.)  Of course I really do have things to do, but it amazes me that I have so many things under my belt and it is not even fully light.

Now it's time for my cup of coffee and a bit of Mom Time.

I love seeing all my kids race to the bus in the morning.  Don't ask me why.  I feel warm and mushy seeing their legs pumping and their lungs so strong.

There is comfort in knowing I've done my part to prepare them to go out in the world.  This is ongoing, of course, but the foundation is laid.

Now the building continues, but the responsibility is shared by many hands.  That part does not sit quite comfortably with me.  It makes me squirm inwardly not a small amount, when I stop to think of how many varied influences my children will have coming at them each day.  I pray for them, for strength, wisdom, and faith, as they examine these influences through the lenses of their baptismal grace.

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