Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unfortunate Anniversary and an Egregious Situation

Today marks the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision that opened the floodgates to legal abortion in our nation.   In the 38 intervening years, the chance at life for some 53,000,000 babies was snuffed out. 

And interestingly enough, just two days ago, Kermit Gosnell was arraigned on eight murder charges stemming from the way he ran his abortion clinic.  The following video contains graphic descriptions.

Elizabeth Scalia, the author of The Anchoress blog did a really nice job of assembling information and links on this horrific case.  Just reading the things she highlights makes me shudder. I don't think I can do as she suggests and read the entire report.

But I do agree with her that it is important that we not soften the facts of the Gosnell case. I think it's important that we realize this kind of neglect and abuse is most likely more common than we, as a society, want to admit.  “Over a period of two decades, government health and licensing officials were repeatedly presented with evidence about Gosnell, and repeatedly chose to do nothing…” from the Foxnews video, Gosnell Patients Talk to FOX 29.  If this is at all indicative of how the abortion industry is regulated, we'd be naive to think this an isolated case.

The slaughter house scenario of this case, although perhaps the most graphically chilling of which I've heard, is not the first time that facts have shown that abortion in America is neither safe for the mother, nor always painless for the "clumps of cells" feminists do not want us to call babies.

Among Scalia's many links is an article by a pro-life woman who flittingly considered abortion. Touching. This reminds me to remember in prayer those women facing such an unplanned pregnancy. It reminds me to do what I can, when I can, to help those in need of support, both emotional and physical.

Please remember in prayer those women faced with such a situation. Please pray for our communities, states and nation and our leaders to give them strength and wisdom in addressing the problem of abortion and unplanned pregnancy. Please pray for those in the thick of the fight. And even pray for the doctors and nurses and support staff involved in this evil, that they come to see their actions as the sin it is, and to find forgiveness in Christ our Lord.

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