Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Late Night Giggling

I have a touch of insomnia tonight, so am using the time to catch up on vacation e-mail reading.  When I opened my AOL account, I saw the following headline, "Was Pippa Faking It at Wedding?"  It and its subtitle made me laugh.  Not the headline itself, since I think it's a shame people affiliated with celebrity or even celebrities themselves have to be subjected to this kind of analysis.  But my insomniac stream of consciousness surrounding the headline made me laugh.

The title first caught my eye, because I had to run my mental fingers through my mental file system to remember who Pippa was.

"OK, yeah, that royal wedding sister lady."

Then my eyes fell upon the subtitle, "Experts now say she may have hidden something extra under her dress."  The first thing that popped into my mind was a handgun.  Then I recalled the pictures of the wedding that I had scanned in People magazine while waiting for a chiropractor appointment.

"No, not really a practical place to hid a handgun.  Besides, the Brits don't go in for that sort of thing."

Then I remembered one of Isabel Dalhousie's musings on the subject of Americans and guns.

This whole episode is perhaps too obscure for anyone who's not awake with insomnia, so if you're in one of those normal states of mind about which I've heard tell, you may not be amused.  But the post is for the rest of us, those who don't suffer from normalcy.

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