Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation Summary

So much has happened in the last two weeks that I may not ever get around to writing everything that I want to say.  I took notes the first week to do a blog post entitled "Vacation on a Dime."  But we had so many unexpected bonuses crop up that later I had to write a post (about six pages of notebook paper) entitled "Pennies from Heaven."  So hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some writing this week.  But for now, a few highlights:
  • The hospitality of our friends, the Frees, in Billings.
  • Seeing my sister Kathy's family for a quick but great day and night in the Yellowstone area.
  • Spending a wonderful and wild five days zipping around Yellowstone with my sister Aimee's family.
  • Elk, antelope, and showers (and a bonus) from Jessica K.
  • An unexpected kindness from strangers.  (You'll have to wait for details on this one.  It's amazing!)
  • Attending church in Mayville and having opportunity to hear our dear friend, Rolf P., preach a solid law and gospel sermon. 
We're glad to be home safely and we thank God for the many blessings of the trip.

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