Monday, October 24, 2011

Motivational Travail

I've been struggling with motivation lately.  Change has always been hard for me.  I prefer to find a groove and stay in it.

Now that the kids are in school, rather than at home full time, I find it takes most of the summer to get things figured out around the home, to be able to orchestrate the troops and actually get anything done.  Then summer is done and I have to figure out how to manage three little ones, and still get the normal stuff done, and even occasionally get to a "catching up" type job.  Eventually I even aspire to the "getting ahead" type jobs.  But then I get to feeling a little manic and have to rein in my dreams, lest I end up succumbing to the all too familiar sense of failure when such dreams do not come to fruition.

That said, even though it's not really a very interesting blog post, I'm going to list my goals for the day, in the hopes it will shame me into actually focusing long enough to accomplish a little something.
  • put in a load of wash
  • get lunch on (dinner, to any northern Minnesotans)
  • do dishes
  • put in another load of wash (yes, unfortunately, I have a heap of dishes waiting today; the wash load will probably be ready to change; sad but true)
  • sweep kitchen floor
  • sweep dining room floor
  • put another load of wash in
  • read to little ones and get them to quiet time
  • pick up living room and vacuum the floor
  • fold some of Mt. Washmore 
  • switch another wash load
  • plan after school snack and supper
Not very exciting, but very real.  If I get that much done, it will be a successful day.    Probably, now that I look at the time, if I get half of that done, it will have to count for a successful day.  Sigh.  Late getting going again today.

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