Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snippets of Life

The exciting news first.  My lady friends and I changed our weigh-in day to Wednesdays.  Since we in northern Minnesota have so many church dinners, we didn't think it was a good idea to have a scheduled weigh-in day on Mondays.  Plus with summer get-togethers and weekend outings, we might be tempted to eat more junkily on weekends.

Today, being the first Wednesday of weighing in, and having had an extra couple of days....drum roll...I lost over three pounds.  Hurray!  I am nearly done with my ticker.  Since the ticker represents only the topmost portion of the extra weight I carry, it doesn't mean I'm done losing.  It was the weight I had gained over the winter, when I was sitting around in my funk, doing nothing but sitting.

That's the good news.  Or at least the most exciting of the good news.

The bad news is that I had a really, really crummy day yesterday.  Really.  Crummy.  Day.   I ended the day feeling terrible about myself.  Terrible.  Worthless.  Failure.  All of the above.

But today is a new day and I feel ready to face the day.  So that's good news, too.  It's a beautiful day and I went to bed early and got up ready to roll.

It's my oldest son's nineteenth birthday today.  Jeremy's recently moved back home and that's OK with me.  We like having him here.   I think he kind of likes being here, too.  But he'd never admit it.  I am quite sure he will not want any fuss made for his birthday, but I will at least make him a cake.

I have a toilet sitting in my yard.  I'm not sure if that's good news or bad news or value-neutral news.

Joe was working on the toilet last night.  I'm not sure whether he ran out of time, whether it's broken beyond repair, or whether he just decided that four toilets is too much to maintain when we have so many little toilet pluggers around here lately!

I think he just ran out of time.  That's my guess.  Either way it made me laugh when I saw it sitting there this morning.  I had gone out to have my coffee on my front porch.  I rarely look toward the driveway when I'm out there, since it's usually all cluttered with the miscellany of family life.  Bikes, broken toys, garden tools that didn't get taken in...  My flower beds are the other direction.  That's what I like to look at.  That, and the fields and trees.  The driveway direction is the road and the pile of ugly stumps in the field beyond it.

So there I was, standing outside.  Breathing deeply of the fresh air.  Making myself notice all the nice things about the day.  Consciously noticing the things that make me happy.  I took a notion to pick some rhubarb while I was out there, so I turned to go down the stairs.  There, right at the bottom of the stairs, was a toilet.  It didn't exactly fit with my idea of the peace and serenity I associate with my front porch mornings.

But it did make me laugh.  And that's another good thing!

Update:  I just checked with Joe and it was a cattail.  The stick part of cattail, about 8" long.   And he is putting the toilet back in today.  He got busy watching and photographing the Transit of Venus with the kids last night.


Marge said...

This is funny to read today, as I just returned from town and I had a stop to make at church. There on the side of the building, right by the side entrance, was a toilet! They are doing some work at church, ripping out a very small bathroom, making a larger uni-sex bathroom and a storage area. I'm sure it's probably gone by now, at least I hope it is, but it really struck me as funny to see a toilet on the church lawn!

And I hope you have a better day today!

theMom said...

It is always funny to see a toilet sitting out. But I'm sure the juxtaposition of the toilet and the church made that view especially comical.