Friday, June 22, 2012

Weight Loss Ticker Success!

This is not nearly so richly descriptive a post as my previous one, but very fun to write, none the less!  I've finished my first weight loss ticker.  I started it with my 28-day challenge way back when. 
I had high hopes of getting those first 11 lbs off quickly, hopefully even during the 28 days of my challenge. 

Obviously things did not happen that way.  It's been a few more than 28 days.  Just over double that, in fact.  But those pounds did come off fairly quickly and fairly easily.  It's exciting.  Especially these last few weeks when I really suspected I may have put a few back on, since I was not watching very carefully at all what I was eating.  But each those weeks, as I stepped on the scale with fear and trepidation, the numbers were smaller again.

I will start a new ticker sometime in the next few weeks, but for now I'm just going to enjoy this one.  I like to see that little flower all the way past the sunshine at the end, and to read those words below it, "11 lbs lost. 0 lbs to go."

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