Monday, November 12, 2007

When you die...

Remember the movie, The Three Amigos? Well, we had it from the library a few months ago and some of my kids have also seen it while visiting the Grandparents Abrahamson. The movie must have made an impression on John, our four year old. He plays with the toy revolver we have around here, an imitation of one of the fancy schmancy Spanish cowboy ones, and calls it his Three Amigos gun. Various other references to the movie come out of his little mouth.

Matthew, my thirteen year old, related this recent incident to me.
The other day our Schwan's man, Chris, was here. As I had gone to get my checkbook, John apparently had asked Chris, "Can I have your watch when you die?" Quite shocking. Especially if you don't recognize it as a quote from The Three Amigos.

As Chris did not.

Fortunately Matt was there and could explain the reference to him. And they had a good laugh.

So if John has said anything similarly questionable to any of you, please assume he is quoting some movie. Of course he may not be, but at least we can pretend, right?

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