Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gender Oriented Gift-Giving

I had to kind of laugh to myself when skimming through the Cabela's Christmas gift catalog.

Mostly it highlights a range of products from each of their many departments.

It also includes several pages of "Gifts for Her" ideas. As I was looking at the featured items, it struck me that the gifts on these pages could be summarized as falling into one of five categories.
  • There are the typical girl gifts such as jewelry or candles.
  • There are also the regular Cabela's type fare for those women who enjoy outdoor pursuits or decor.
  • There are the "how to get my wife to enjoy my hobbies" gifts such as shooting ear protection muffs or a Lady Recon air rifle, each available in, yes, fashion pink.
  • There are the chivalrous "damsel in distress" gifts such as pepper spray, a pocket GPS, or a two way radio set.
  • And finally there are the "women sit around eating bonbons" gifts such as cheesecake and, well, bonbons.


Joe Abrahamson said...

Rats, guess I gotta get something else now. I really thought you might like the fox urine scented potpourri, the cast iron buck wall mount candle holder, or the venison-goose-and-chocolate flavored cheesecake trio.

Joe Abrahamson said...

Of course, Maybe I could get you the Hinter Dan Action figure for you (p. 20), or the Shotgun Shell Candles (p. 23), The Sportsman's Copper Weather Vane with the double barrel shotgun on top (p. 25), or the Sportsman's Shotgun Shell casing Christmas lights (p. 25), the Wild Wings Antler Candle holder (p. 22), or some Antler Napkin Rings (p. 23). Whaddaya think? Which one do you really really want?

theMom said...

I suppose the fox urine scented candle could be taken along to your hunting site to eliminate your human odor? I'm sure it would be just as natural smelling. I've always heard that those scented candles smell really natural.

Could you get me an old food smelling one for the fridge and a dirty diaper smelling one for the changing table, please? As long as we want to be natural, after all.