Monday, May 24, 2010


This from the Weather Underground local announcements for our area
The Red Lake river at Highlanding has risen nearly 5 feet this
evening which is indicative of the amount of rainfall that has
affected the area.
For those readers unfamiliar with this area, the Red Lake River is 3.5 miles north of us.  Highlanding is a little further north and west, I suppose about 8 miles away.

The flatness of this area and our high water table leads to standing water when we get heavy rains.  We got about  4 inches throughout the day, with the heaviest rain coming in an onslaught somewhere around 6:30 or 7:00 this evening.  The kids went out and "swam" in the puddles and ditches.

The school superintendent put out an automated phone call advising parents that on some bus routes the buses may not be able to navigate the unpaved roads in the morning.  So yes, it is very wet.

Many of our area farmers have just finished the first rush of seeding their crops.  We had early warming, which seemed optimistic.  Then so much wetness the tractors couldn't get into the fields (or would it be more accurate to say  "get out of the fields"?)  But many had very good planting last week.  A little rain might be good, but this much probably is not. I will pray for appropriate drying and warming to help everything grow.

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