Sunday, October 3, 2010

A few posts ago, I posted Steve Lee's I Like Guns video.  This is the The Lee Band's cover of It Ain't Me, Babe.  I think it is very well done.

It has an upbeat sound that makes me happy listening to it. I listened to versions by several artists and I think I like this one better than any of the others. It is somewhat hard to compare, though, because the artistry in the video contributes part of my enjoyment. The versions by the older artists are either life performances or coupled with a still shot or a collection of still shots. Trying to separate the music from the visual impression is difficult.

This version by the song's author, Bob Dylan is not appealing musically or visually. It is rather moody and uncomfortable.  Perhaps a little travelogue through the counter-culture of the 60s and 70s.

It looks like many people covered this title, and I listened to parts of a few of them.  Nancy Sinatra, The Turtles, Joan Baez, and others.  I read through some comments on some of the videos.

It seems as though most listeners favor the song done by Johnny Cash and June Carter.  I found the following rendition sung by them that someone put together using some very touching photo shots.



A Stafford said...

While my husband would probably be partial to Johnny/June's version of probably anything, I really enjoy the version of this song from the film "Walk the Line" sung by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. They are just actors, not real singers, but the combination of sound-similar-to-the-Cash-version and the innocent, heartfelt, non-professional way they sing really gets me humming. Reese especially does so well. I've got it on my iTunes along with others from the soundtrack.

BTW- June's voice really is like fingernails on the chalkboard to me in general.

theMom said...

I really enjoyed the movie and was tempted several times while doing this post to download that version. But I didn't want to spend the time. I did try several of the Johnny and June ones before finding this one that I liked. The others were not as good as "great" Johnny Cash and just kind of boring, in general. But the one I included had a bit more life than some of the others. And I like the pics.

I'll have to take the time to listen to and watch the Phoenix/Witherspoon one soon. Actually, doing this post put me in the mood to see the movie again. I'll have to request it from the lib.