Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stepping on Toes in the Nation's Capitol

Picture yourself in an urban area rich with restaurants of a variety of ethnic traditions.  I use State Street in Madison Wisconsin as my model.  I haven't been there for years, but I can't imagine it is much changed. 

When walking down that street, each few steps tantalizes ones taste buds and digestive juices with a different olfactory experience.  Here's Chinese... now brats... ooh, fresh baked bread... espresso... Middle Eastern... hamburgers and fries... gyros... North African.... Mmmm. 

All combine into part of the urban experience.

But the law firm of Steptoe and Johnson wants to take a part of that experience away from one Washington, D.C., neighborhood.  Steptoe and Johnson has filed suit to close the local hamburger joint, Rogue State Burgers, because of the offensive cooking smells.  And D.C. Superior Court Judge John Mott, has ordered the restaurant closed. Click here to read the text of the sign put up by the restaurant owners.

On exactly whose toes is Steptoe and Johnson stepping? Obviously Rogues States', but also those of their customers, and even the toes of those who just enjoy that rich urban neighborhood food smell.

On the flip side, Rogue States may be stepping on the noses of the Steptoe and Johnson employees and clients. 

Perhaps the burger joint should change their name to Stepnose Burgers.

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