Monday, October 4, 2010

My Favorite Piano Pieces

Now that my kids are in school, I've been taking advantage of my new found (relatively) free time to play a bit more piano.  I'm not really much of a pianist.  But I enjoy doing it.  I play better now than I have in the past because I play for the Sunday School kids when they sing in church.  That keeps my fingers nimble and makes me take time to practice.

But now I can play a little bit just for fun.  I still can't play much Beethoven, but it doesn't keep me from trying.  He is my absolute favorite composer.  The power in his compositions always amazes me.  The richness of the harmonies is stunning. 

But few people play Beethoven really well.  Every once in awhile, after I've butchered one of his pieces sufficiently, I have to download a audio file to remind myself what the pieces are supposed to sound like.

Pathetique is my favorite Beethoven piano Sonata (opus 13).  And Freddy Kempf plays it so very well.

Man, I wish my fingers could go like that!

I also enjoy the frolicsome sound to Rage Over a Lost Penny (Rondo a Capriccio opus 129). I didn't find a video with Anatol Ugorski actually playing, but the audio on this one is terrific.

Hope you enjoy listening.

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