Saturday, June 4, 2011

Couch to 5K update

As I predicted, with the onset of the long-awaited spring weather, I'm mostly walking.  Most weeks I walk for about an hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with three girlfriends, Connie, Lana, and Jan.  Since I like their company more than I care about keeping my Couch to 5K routine, those walks are my primary exercise.  But when time and weather (mostly wind) allow, I try to sneak in a Couch to 5K on the alternate days.

Today, being a sunny Saturday with only a 12-15 mph wind from the WNW, I summoned the gumption to do my Couch to 5K.  Another motivation, I must admit, is competition.  Another friend has started doing the couch to 5K and she has her husband doing it with her as a drill sargent.  I think I"d probably shoot my husband if he was my drill sargent, but for Alison it seems to work well.  But she's on the cusp of passing me up. 

So, Alison, I'm using you.  I'm using your success to motivate myself to keep up better!  Thanks for the help.  And if it helps you, you can use me to motivate you during these two weeks Jona's gone. 

Here's to a little friendly competition.

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