Sunday, June 19, 2011

Going Back to the Dark Ages? An Update on Life and Computer Fails

The kitchen computer and the network hub in the basement  (bringing internet to the parsonage from the network connection at the church) have been funky for awhile.  Then to add to the mix, the church connection thing got taken out in a lightning strike the other night.  We've been pretty much without internet or with only sporadic internet for several days.  And oh, how much has happened and how much I have to tell you all.  The church connection is good to go, but our house computer and connection still has issues.

I'm sneaking a few minutes on Joe's office computer this morning before church to do this post.  I did ask him if it was all right, but it still feels like sneaking!

We've had so much happiness and sadness around here.  Firstly, we lost a dear neighbor in a tragic car accident the other day.  I will miss Linda's sweet smile and her kind and gentle ways. 

My Clara is heartbroken, crying herself to sleep the last two nights.  Clara had gotten to be buddies with Linda a few years back, over some extra kitties Linda had.  Clara is an animal lover.  And Linda, having a soft spot for the kitties who were living in her garage, was scared she'd back over them one day.  So although we really didn't need them, Clara and Linda conspired against Joe to have them moved to our yard.  Through that feline transaction, the Clara and Linda developed a special friendship.

To Linda's family, I love you all and am so saddened for your tremendous loss.  God bless you with peace and healing, and may Linda's memory be blessed.

Together with the sadness, we had a another wedding here at church.  Isn't that sometimes how it is?  A birth with a death; or a wedding at a time of loss? 

We rejoice with Brett and Amanda who were married yesterday; as well as with Chris and Stephanie who were wed two weeks ago.  It's so wonderful to have young couples at a rural church.  In all too many cases, rural churches struggle as the kids grow up and leave home.  But here we have a thriving multi-generational community with many young families.  Thanks be to God!

We've finally had some spring and summer weather here.  The gardens are mostly planted.  The birds sing and the flowers bloom.  The seedlings pop out of the earth.  The turkey is losing it's baby feathers and looking more like a turkey.

The half-grown chicks are starting to try to fly.  I looked out my bathroom window this morning, as I often do on my way past, just taking a moment to check out the morning and think about what the day has in store.  This morning, the sheep were still sleeping in the shelter of our young spruces.  But the chickens were up wandering all over the fenced area.  As if on cue, several of them fluttered their wings and jumped forward a few feet, getting two feet or so off the ground.  They all just kept up this routine for several minutes, one ofter the other, or sometimes up to four or five at a time.  I'm not sure if it is part of their morning stretch, or if it's a new skill they are learning and showing off for each other.  Either way, their antics made me smile.

The morning today was a bit damp and cool, but a relief after yesterday's heat and humidity.  It was strange weather yesterday.  Outside was not uncomfortable.  By afternoon, it was beautiful sunshine with only a hint of humidity.  But inside, the house was stuffy and hot and I couldn't get any air moving through.  Yuck.  Last night I opened all the windows wide and made the kids keep their bedroom doors open to get the cool night air moving through.  The breeze held light and steady most of the night to freshen everything up inside. 

I wrapped in a blanket this morning and took my coffee and book outside to my favorite porch chair.  The fog came and went as I sat; I even felt a bit of mist now and then on my exposed hands.  But it was wonderful just the same. 

I love the sound of the roosters crowing in each new day.  But when they stand and crow at their reflections in the basement windows for minutes on end, I have to agree with the kids that it gets a little tiresome.  The kids who sleep in those basement rooms certainly do have a  point when they complain about the morning serenade.  When my inlaws were here a couple of weeks ago, the roosters pulled this stunt outside our guest bedroom window.  My father-in-law got up and started directing their choral attempts.  I didn't ask him if the harmonies improved with his help.

This morning, the highlight of my front porch time was when I was a little visit from a small yellow and black feathered friend.  As I was reading, I caught out the corner of my eye a little fluttering motion at the front edge of the porch.  I looked again and over the edge of the porch floor popped a goldfinch.  Since I struggle enough to remember to feed my family, I don't attempt to feed birds.  So we don't get as many of these cute fellows around as other yards might.  It is always a treat to see one. 

This little guy hopped right up onto the edge of the deck and sat there looking out over the yard, his little head turning

Shortly after that, a robin started singing from a nearby tree, welcoming in the day.  He was just singing as if his heart would burst. 

What a serene start to what will be a busy day!

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