Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Laughter and Tears and Happiness

I got it all on the trip into Oklee today to pick up the Wednesday school kids. 

First off I heard Sara Evans singing Suds in the Bucket.  OK, no problem there.  I'm glad I'm not sentimental about music or kids growing up.

"Our little pony-tail girl growed up to be a woman
Now she's gone in the blink of an eye"

Oh-oh, in a spit second I went from just fine and enjoying the song, to tears springing up and even sobs wracking forth.

Can you say Looney Tunes?

In course of time, I recovered from that shocking outburst.  Shwew!

(The video I linked is hilarious, by the way.  Not at all sentimental.  Unless of course, I'm just seeing it through the lens of another of my wildly swinging moods.  Maybe?  Well, whatever.  Take what you want from it.)

Next up was Luke Bryan's Drunk on You.

"Girl you make my speakers go "BOOM BOOM""

Baaaah, haaaa haaaaaaaaaaa!  Belly laughter.  Oh my.  Really?  That's the kind of lyrics that make my sister so mock country music.  Puh-lease.   Speakers go boom booom.  Heard it called alot of things...  Haaaa, haaa, haaa.

After that I heard pretty much nothing.  Flipping through the stations for something good.  But then on the way home after getting all the kids loaded up, flipping through the stations again, I hit the jackpot.  I heard the announcer say something like, "Next up, Zac Brown Band with Chicken Fried."  All right!  Now that's more like it!  A great band's great song about the simple things in life.  Food, clothing, home, family and freedom.  And to acknowledge that we owe God above the thanks for all of it.  All that set in Zac Brown Band's richly textured musical style.

What more could a person ask for in a song?

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