Friday, March 2, 2012

We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.

The title of this post is from Larry Solov at Big Journalism, honoring Andrew Breitbart, who passed away suddenly early yesterday  in the morning hours. Breitbart was one of the leaders of the New Media. To put it more plainly, the free media that the left is perpetually trying to silence because such media outlets don't toe the correct philosophical line.

Michelle Malkin, in her memorial piece, included the following video from of Breitbart's CPAC speech last month.    I have read things written by Andrew Breitbart, but I had never seen him speak.  I found his speech inspiring.  Refreshing.  Fun.  Not too dry.  Not too brutal.  This is definitely a speech, however, aimed at those who are already Conservatives.  It is not going to educate or convince anyone who is unsure of where they stand politically, or those who are consciously of a different mindset.  If you want to learn more about the issues Breitbart addresses in his speech, you will have to go elsewhere.  But if you want to get a little flavor of Andrew Breitbart, his personality, his charisma, please watch the video.

"There are two paths.  One is America and the other one is Occupy. " (12:49)

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney solidified his Republican primary season standing, with victories in both Michigan and Arizona.  And yet, there are still four candidates in the battle for the Republican nomination.  The various polls show that any of the four candidates still have a chance to win.  We will perhaps know more after next week's Super Tuesday races.

Most conservatives do not prefer Romney.  But I think most conservatives would agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment expressed by Andrew Breitbart in the above quote.  Sure we'd all prefer a candidate whose views are closest to those we espouse.  But we will stand behind whatever Republican candidate gets the nomination.   Our country is sliding further into chaos.  And this chaos is exactly what the Progressive leaders want to see.

There area some in the Progressive movement, I have no doubt, who believe in the agenda.  They believe in making the world a better place through the intervention of world governments.  The problem is, it never works.  It has been tried and tried and tried; and it has always let to more oppression.  More poverty.  More fear.

At the heart of any of the Marxist style socialist movements is a power grab.  Read Marx.  Read  Hitler.  Read Alinsky.  For an comprehensive analysis of the history of the various modern socialist traditions, read Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism.  Goldberg includes a very extensive bibliography; so after you are done with his book, if you still have your doubts, you can read even further on the subject.

The sad thing is that history shows after any socialist regime has succeeded, after those who opposed the movement have been silenced (and yes, it's usually the permanent kind of silencing) it is always the foot soldiers who suffer.  Those who have valiantly and from the heart supported the movement, recruited new followers, and rallied the troops, those are the first to be thrown under the bus.

It doesn't matter whether it's Franco in Spain, Stalin in Russia (and the entire history of the USSR during the cold war), Hitler, Mussolini, Tito, Castro, has always been the same. The movement needs numbers.  The speech is pleasant to the ear.  The energy is contagious.  But the end result is betrayal and oppression.

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