Friday, September 13, 2013

Camping, The Abrahamson Way

This post is mostly pictures and links. The pictures are from this camping trip. Just shots from around the camp site. The links are to things either Joe or I have written in the past about how we camp.

Our two lanterns, the trusty Coleman that uses white gas, and a very cheapo one that uses kerosene.  We use tiki torch oil in that one, since it's so readily available.  The cheapo read one is easier for me, since I am a bit intimidated by the mantles and pumping, etc with the Coleman, but Joe, since he's the lamp maintenance guy, says the red one is much putzier to keep clean.
I like this photo, since it gives a little glimpse of so many parts of our camp life.  The clothesline, Clara foraging wood, the dishpan, the hot water pot and coffee pot and the stove.  All of us in various kinds of jammies, and etc. 
A closeup of our water heating pot and coffee percolator.  This one is kept filled all the time, and as soon as the food prep is done, it's put on the hottest part of the fire to have hot water ready for dishes.  The coffee pot is prepped for coffee the night before.  When it's not being used for coffee, it often has hot water, too, in case of need.
Kids always like to play with fire.  We have specific rules and try to enforce them diligently.
Joe uses leather gloves for cooking over the fire.  He finds them much safer than quilted pot holders.
This is Joe at our cooking/clean-up table.  It's a lightweight roll-up table from Cabela's that's very handy for traveling.  It gives us extra space to prepare food and wash up afterwards.
Our hand-wash station.  Since we generally camp in primitive campgrounds, we have to provide our own "plumbing."
The Dome Tent.  This was our big extravagant purchase about seven years ago.   It's been very well used.  The selling point on this one is that if fits a playpen in the middle.  But, ... this trip marks the first time in, oh, 20 years that we didn't need to camp with a playpen.  And the dishes bin sitting by the tent.  This is our Kitchen on the Road.
This is the newest addition to our camping gear.  This style of tent is notoriously leaky in the rain, but it's spacious.  The three oldest girls were able to share the left room and the next two girls the smaller room on the right.
Joe's favorite camp cooking equipment.
Joe tries a new primitive skill, cooking with moss.
Cheap grilling pans.
For a look at a different kind of primitive camping, Joe documented our cabin camping trip at Glendalough State Park several years back, in part 1 and part 2.
And check out the "camping" and "vacation on a dime" index tabs on this blog for more glimpses into camping the Abrahamson Way.

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