Sunday, August 9, 2009

Groovin' on Barry

Goldwater, that is.

I just finished The Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater, written in 1960. Awesome. Excellent. I can't say enough. OK, I really have mentally formulated several blog posts while reading it, but, alas, I'm leaving on vacation on Wednesday morning and the book has to go back to the library. So the blog posts will not get written at this time. Read it yourself, if you just can't wait.

But, never fear, I fully intend to write more about this. I will either have to re-request it upon my return home, request our local used book store to let me know if it happens in, or, horrors, put out the $13 to buy it new. (Really, I'm not too cheap to do that, I just like the challenge of digging up a used treasure. I like the inscriptions one sometimes finds. And, lest anyone accuse me of harming the environment with my outrageously large family, I try to make as many of these ecologically sound choices as I can.)

I might opt for this edition used for a mere $59; or really splurge on a collectible copy for $125. That one is just like the one I had to request from the University of Minnesota Library. I can't believe that this treasure could not be found in any of the libraries in our local system. (Not so subtle hint, Laura?)

Really, though, I encourage everyone to read this. It is a short, quick read. And although the primary threat to national security in those days was communism and the Cold War, many of the points Goldwater makes are equally applicable to both the ongoing War on Terror and the encroaching soft tyranny that is becoming exceedingly more apparent here on the home front.

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