Friday, August 7, 2009


For those of you who noticed the above new gadget, what can I say? I love these tickers! I have one for exercise minutes and one for weight loss and now one that moves itself daily to count down the days until our anniversary.

I wish I could have one for all my goals, but then I would spend so much time moving my little guy that, well, then I guess I probably wouldn't get to move them at all.

I get to move my exercise one several times a week. My goal was 1200 minutes before our upcoming vacation. I'm at 1115, so I just might make it. I am quite sure that I would not have been as faithful with my exercise if I didn't have my little frog to move through the mushroom patch.

Unfortunately, the sunshine that is supposed to be passing the ripening fruit for my weight loss does not move much at all, so I have to pacify myself with only occasional solar motion.

Have I said that I love tickers?

I use Ticker Factory for my exercise and weight loss and Lily Pie for the anniversary. Ticker Factory has more options to choose from; Lily Pie has mostly child and family landmark days toward which it counts automatically. Perhaps Ticker factory does, too, but I haven't taken the time to look. I am sure there are many other ticker sources out there, but these are the two I've seen.

Happy Ticking, and I hope you get to move your guy often.

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