Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Line in the Sand

I am firmly in support of the rule of law. Although very thankful for the America our founders set up, I even have trouble teaching my kids about the American Revolution. I'm not sure, had I been around that that time, I would have been able join the patriots. The powers that be are ordained by God, after all. Even the crummy powers. God has His own wisdom, to which we mere mortals are not always privy.

At the time of the American Revolution the citizens had to decide, each for himself, at what point their government had so broken the system as to warrant them having the right to break free. At what point is the line in the sand?

So today, many are wondering about our current administration and at what point the government has crossed the "too much" line. Lest anyone misunderstand, I'm not advocating revolution.

But there is an increasing number of people who have noticed that the system is broken. Our government, with all it's checks and balances, is being trod upon by the current holders of power. In all three branches of government.

We have for a long time had a judiciary that rules so as to change law according to their own ideals, instead of upholding the written laws as they stand. Not to mention a president who advocates this kind of judicial action.

We have a president who, among other things of questionable constitutionality, just recently gave an Interpol more freedom to operate in our country, with less accountability, than our own security agencies are allowed.

And we have a Congress whose two branches are in the process of passing into law a health care bill that seems to do nothing about the many health care issues it alleges to solve. Instead it tramples upon the rights of the citizenry.

Nancy Morgan's "line in the sand" article on the health care bill clarifies for me the worst parts of the current bill.

I heard the other day about the features within the bill that are attempting to disallow elimination or amending of certain parts of the bill should it be passed into law. I am appalled at the presumption of our leaders. What body of America governance may make a law that would prohibit future lawmakers from legislating within their constitutional capacity? Amazing!

And for a federal law to mandate its citizens to purchase a certain product? In this case health insurance. Imagine if the government suddenly ruled that we must all own a farm. And not only that, but that we must grow certain things on that farm and operate it within very specific guidelines. This would never be.

Or would it?

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