Saturday, December 26, 2009



I have started a new ticker before my old was finished. I had told myself that I would not start a new one until I finished the old. But I have written before about my love of tickers and I could simply no longer refrain from picking out my new one. I've been fleeing temptation for about 2 weeks now. I even started the new ticker process about 10 days ago, but made myself quit. "Naughty, naughty. You aren't done with the other yet, Mary."

But I can justify it. I really can. I didn't quantify what kind of done I had to be. Is it a calendar date done or a minutes of exercise done? So although not done in terms of minutes of exercise, I am done as far as calendar date. My ticker is expired, although my goal remains unattained.

But that leads me to another ticker related dilemma. Even if I finish my minutes of exercise, the goal is still not attained, because the goal included a time frame. I may eventually finish my minutes of exercise, but I will never be able to finish my minutes of exercise before Christmas.

Boy, I'm glad I'm not into this goal setting thing in a big way. One could really drive oneself nuts with it all. Perhaps if I had spent my time exercising instead of dreaming about new tickers, I wouldn't be having all these moral dilemmas.

This new ticker is for minutes of exercise before Easter. Ticker Factory wouldn't let me make a second exercise ticker without eliminating the old. So I had to use one of their other themes which did not label the same way as the exercise one. Once I actually accomplish my Christmas one, I'll redo the new so it shows the goal, too.


madhenmom said...

So, you're going to finish the first ticker before you post minutes for the second ticker? Or are you going to count your minutes double until you complete the first one?

theMom said...

Ooh, good question. I was planning to finish one before starting the other. Do you think I have a choice?

I have a Pride and Prejudice line going through my head in response to that question. Can you guess it?